Nobody Cares – Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Its like nobody cares now
Politicians and money magicians
It’s like we lost our way around now
As they push the kids aside
These streets are filled with fear now
Walking side by side
Enemies on neighborhood war grounds
I won’t vote – won’t pick a side

It’s on us now to push this through (everything has turned to shit now)
It’s our battle and it’s time to be true (I wanna walk away from it now)
No we won’t sit back, we won’t stand down
No it’s not the time to give up, not now
No not now

Verse 2:

We watch Africa owe debts they cannot pay
Debts for which they never had a say
You’re fat enough now go control the world
Governments are lying while the innocent are dying
Money beats a vote at every turn
The government is bought we’ll start to learn
Corporate Oligarchy – watch the bill of rights burn

They keep it a secret so nobody cares
They keep it a secret so nobody cares
They keep it a secret so nobody cares
They keep it a secret so nobody cares

Just To Say

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Verse 1:
You’re left in the dust
Because everyone’s in a rush
When you’ve been forgotten
And left out on the floor
So change your mind if you want
Because there’s no need to be shifting
When they forgot about you
And don’t really want you anymore

When it’s impossible to make things how they used to be
And to get back what you’ve lost can’t you see
You gotta get up – its time to go
Just to say you made it you know
Just to say you made it
Just to say you made it you know

Verse 2:
Winding and whirling and twisting out of reach
And the lies are something you could never teach
When you’re not really wanted anymore
And the facts are something you just cant ignore

So when you feel leftover
And you’ve been all-forgotten
When the world is crashing to floor at your feet
Everything you hoped for
Now could never be
This is story of the way things go
Look up there’s more than you could ever know

Bridge 2:
Just leave it all behind you
Leave this day behind you
Just to say we made it out alive

No Way To Make You Mine – Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Was the world cup in twenty ten
I guess I’m back here again
I saw the girl and I can’t remember when
I couldn’t find a way to begin

Verse 2:
I tried to think of something to say
But all my words just got in the way
Every eye was watching me move
Telling me to stop so I had nothing to prove

That girl’s got everything
That I could ever want
I just don’t have a way

And I’m still learning not to care what they think
She’s slipping away as I fall out of sync
Cause here and now in this space and time
I’ve got no rhythm and I can’t find the rhyme
I’ve just got no way to make you mine

Verse 3:
I saw her again just yesterday
I played it cool and then looked away
Really just want to break the ice
Instead I stopped and took all their unspoken advice

I had the nerve but lost it
It was there a second ago
I’d rather not admit it
It’s something that I didn’t know

One Way Ticket

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Verse 1:
I’ve got a one way ticket
Am I man enough to make it
Through to the next ride
The train tracks follow the borderline
And I’m looking for the signs
On my way home

Hurry up, hurry up lets go
We’ve gotta change you know
It’s our only chance to stay alive
Hurry up, hurry up tonight
Well nothing else feels so right
It’s our only chance to stay alive

Verse 2:
I’m so tired and I can barely see you
But I’m still breathing
On my ride home
The train tracks follow the borderline – yeah
I’m still looking for those signs
On my way home

And you know just where we stand
And the pain that’s killing me
And I know it’s not my fault this time around
This time around

Hurry up
Hurry up lets go
Hurry up
Hurry up lets go
Hurry up
Hurry up lets go
Lets go, lets go

Worlds Apart – Lyrics

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Verse 1:
You run away but where are you going
You can go as far as you want but there’s no place to hide
I felt the same as you do now years and years ago
I’m telling you once – yeah and I’m telling you now

It feels like we’re living in a dream again
And that all I’ve been waiting for
And we’re never gonna turn around
I said we’ll meet back on the other side
Even if it’s make believe
We’re living in two worlds – two worlds apart
Two worlds apart

Verse 2:

You say you’ve wasted your whole life
Trying to find the words to say but they won’t come out right
You beg for all the answers – and I know there’ll be a few
I’m telling you once – yeah and I’m telling you know


We’re coming close to how it was before
But we may never see that day – see the day

Winding Road

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Verse 1:
I haven’t gotten- got anywhere to go
I’ll take my time and I’ll always make it flow
Cause there’s no hurry to be anything you know
I’ve always gone my own way and I’ll always grow

From 18 to 23 I’ve been many places
And seen many things
I’ve never been able to predict
The way that this year will go

Cause it’s a winding road and you’ll never know
Where its gonna go (gonna go)
So hold on, sit back, and enjoy the ride that comes your way
And find yourself where you find yourself today

Verse 2:
Yeah I’ve got lots of places I still wanna go
When it is time to leave from here you’ll know
Cause life’s for living
No it’s not for running
So take a deep breath
And feel the love thats coming


Cause if Jesus died for us to be alive
Why are we running – running from this life
You keep forgetting to be here today
So look in my eyes and just stay here

1623 – Lyrics

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Do you think
Maybe I’m getting older
Maybe I’m getting older
Do you
This is it
If you think
The journey is changing
I don’t know who I’m supposed to be
At 23

Verse 1:
They always asked us why we weren’t asking why
We never knew the answer – but we always had to try
Me and all my friends couldn’t see where we were headed
But at 16 the worlds as big as the sky

Verse 2:
I wish I could tell you why
I fell behind and I’m right on time
We still don’t know the answers
Still not asking why
I pray that God will help me
To do what’s right
And the world is still as wide
Yeah the world is still as wide
It’s even bigger than the sky
It’s even bigger than, it’s bigger than the sky


Na na na na na na na na