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Category Archives: Lyrics – What if the Astronauts Are Lying

  • Nobody Cares – Lyrics

    Download this song: Verse 1: Its like nobody cares now Politicians and money magicians It’s like we lost our way around now As they push the kids aside These streets are filled with fear now Walking side by side

  • Just To Say

    Download this song: Verse 1: You’re left in the dust Because everyone’s in a rush When you’ve been forgotten And left out on the floor So change your mind if you want Because there’s no need to be shifting

  • No Way To Make You Mine – Lyrics

    Download this song: Verse 1: Was the world cup in twenty ten I guess I’m back here again I saw the girl and I can’t remember when I couldn’t find a way to begin Verse 2: I tried to

  • One Way Ticket

    Download this song: Verse 1: I’ve got a one way ticket Am I man enough to make it Through to the next ride The train tracks follow the borderline And I’m looking for the signs On my way home

  • Worlds Apart – Lyrics

    Download this song: Verse 1: You run away but where are you going You can go as far as you want but there’s no place to hide I felt the same as you do now years and years ago

  • Winding Road

    Download this song: Verse 1: I haven’t gotten- got anywhere to go I’ll take my time and I’ll always make it flow Cause there’s no hurry to be anything you know I’ve always gone my own way and I’ll

  • 1623 – Lyrics

    Download this song: Chorus: Do you think Maybe I’m getting older Maybe I’m getting older Do you This is it If you think The journey is changing I don’t know who I’m supposed to be At 23 Verse 1: